Hardcore Cross-country skiing...does anyone here do this?

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Hardcore Cross-country skiing...does anyone here do this?

Postby nxski » Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:04 am

Now this is my kind of xc skiing! I don't actually own jib skates, I have friends who do but they break too often and cost too much for me. I jump on Fibre crowns, RCS ski's I've paired together from a graveyard of single ski's, wide beluga ski's, mono ski's and sometime even my racing ski's if I'm comfortable enough with the terrain. I have done some 30' jumps on my atomis RS-11's and RC-11's before I had access to all this other free equipment but that was a bit too sketchy for my liking.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can embed video's here (maybe a forum upgrade is in order?), so enjoy these links...

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