How to put photos into posts?

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How to put photos into posts?

Postby JeffOYB » Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:21 pm

Hi... I see that I can attach images to a post. Then I see an option in the attachment box to place the pic inline. So I put my cursor where I want it then click the 'place inline' button and some code is pasted into place with my filename. I've then posted the post. When looking at it on my computer I can see the images -- but maybe it's just pointing at my images on my harddrive or something. I look at it on another computer and can't see anything. I don't think others can. So how to make photos work? Thanks! JP
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Re: How to put photos into posts?

Postby rmattson » Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:44 am

Jeff. If you use the img tags the image needs to be on a public webserver. So if you have a place to put them online you can point your image tag there. If not you can attach the images to the post. There are two tabs (Options/Attachments) below the box you enter your post in.

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Re: How to put photos into posts?

Postby Montana » Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:53 am

Here's how I post photos to this site:
The first thing you need to do is set up the hosting site. Which one you use doesn't make much difference so long as you can link directly to the photos.

I use Flickr. Accounts are free and they give you 1 TB of space to store photos.

Another site many use is Photobucket

Set up your account. Then upload your photos to the site. That's as easy as selecting the photos from your computer and clicking on an upload button.

Once your photos are on the host site you need to find the link to the photo. Some hosting sites will provide this info next to the photo. Flickr has a share button that provides the link and lets you choose the size of the photo you want displayed. Find the link and copy it.

My preference for forum pages is pics no wider than 800 pixels. Photos larger than that may be cut off or cropped by the forum and readers with smaller screens, like on an iPad, cell phone or laptop, cannot see the right side of the image if it is too big. You can also crop your photos before uploading to Flickr but that is not necessary.

Once you have copied the link, go to the page you are writing and use the Img button above the text input area. Clicking that will insert an image tag into your post that looks like this: (img)(/img). Note that instead of parenthesis you will see brackets.

In between the two sets of brackets paste the link (url) that you copied from your hosting site. For Flickr it is usually in the form: http://www.flikr.... The final entry will look something like this:

Again note that the entry will have brackets instead of parenthesis. But if I put bracket here the forum will try to insert an image and give an error.

You can also jus type in the image tag without using the Img button.

When I make a post with pics I like to preview it first to make sure my links are correct. There is a Preview button whenever you are typing a post that allows you to see what the post will look like but will also have an area where you can edit it. If all is looks good hit "submit."
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