Base flatness/prep and casual trails?

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Base flatness/prep and casual trails?

Postby JeffOYB » Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:14 am

I wonder if base prep relates to trail grooming.

What if one is skiing an unevent, ungroomed trail with mixed conditions? Like a walked-on hiking trail with some ski grooves but lots of other variations.

I notice that glide wax does seem to matter in these conditions. But I wonder about base FLATNESS, for one thing. If you're not skiing on a flat, even surface...?

I suppose nobody bothers doing glide-testing in such conditions.

I call all this "the mtbiking of skiing."

Handling and ski stability *is* impt: the trail tilts and is uneven so if you want to ski fast and relaxed you need skis that "like" such conditions. Probably not noodles. Yet sometimes the trail is soft, has fresh or deeper snow on it -- so soft tips can come in handy on occasion but even then torsional rigidity is still good due to overall unevennesses. The surface of the trail just is not smoothed like on a ski course.
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