Waxing voodoo, waxing culture...

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Waxing voodoo, waxing culture...

Postby JeffOYB » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:24 am

I do like the mad chemist aspect of ski prep and waxing. I like wax testing as well when I have time. ...When I try diff waxes for a given snow condition then find one that really outperforms the others it's a real thrill.

Then there's the Wax Party. When the gang roadtrips up to an upnorth cabin and meets after driving in from various towns then the music is turned on and the beer opened and the gang all starts waxing. We don't always get great results -- due to it being nighttime, and not usually on-site, but it's fun. We just go by the forecast and recommendation. I suppose we could do some backyard testing but that's never part of it. Too cold! It's the social hour for the ski-race gang. It last a couple hours max for everyone to get their turn. Of course there's a lot of opinionating and watching over shoulders and sometimes begging and borrowing. Then we go to bed and wake up early, ready to race!

At the same time it's an even-bigger barrier to entry and growth than is the already daunting task, apparently, of learning how to ski. So in recent years I've been inclined to promote events where wax/base is almost a non-factor: hilly, technical trail outings. We've had about 50% growth there versus 1% in the regular groomed-type ski events. Lodging also is rarely a factor. The party isn't so much the night before as in the parking lot afterward. The apres'-ski partying at the big events sure is fun, tho -- special bands at nightclubs afterward makes for a darn good time! Our new events haven't gotten that far but who knows! (I've now given myself an idea!)
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