Cheap, good hi-fluor paste?

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Cheap, good hi-fluor paste?

Postby JeffOYB » Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:49 am

For lightweights who want to fool around with making skis fast but maybe not for long distances, is there a product worth monkeying with?

I saw mention of the Zardoz Not Wax -- I see they make various products -- is all of it decent or would I want the Hi-Fluor item?

I've used F4 for a few years. I did have it turn some skis to rockets a couple weeks ago. Now I can't recall the conditions! (Ha, I posted it here.)

Is there a cheap, simple substance that will give casual skiers a thrill? Also, easy to apply. Like, if I'm standing around and others want to try it. I was almost out of my F4 to begin with and as soon as I put it on my skis I had everyone begging me to put it on theirs. Ha... I should carry a bag around with me to sell. $20 a pop, eh?

I'm thinking of a substance that's helpful for the casual nowaxer people. Heck, I might try to get a sales acc't for it. I do sell a lot of stuff mail order and also at events.

Or does all this kind of thing benefit from allowing to dry then buffing? Well, I suppose even newbies could manage that.

My wife skis nowaxers with a friend and sometimes complains. I could have her bring some of this along, in case.
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Re: Cheap, good hi-fluor paste?

Postby osloskier » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:33 am

I haven't tried it myself yet, but Rex TK-72 has a solid reputation. It's expensive to buy, but relatively inexpensive in use because it lasts so long. I've heard said the cost is about a couple of dollars per pair.

For best glide just cork it in by hand, for slightly less glide but better durability, you can rotocork or iron it in. If ironing you have to be quick to avoid damaging the ski. One pass, about 4 seconds.

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