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Universal Cold Wax

Post by poimax05 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:08 am


I have been using so far for glide wax Swix Universal F4 (ironed). However, I have heard it wasn't hard enough for temperature below -10. I think the official range is -10 to + 10 or something like that.

While the range I am looking for is actually -5 to -15 (for my classic skis). If the temperature is above -5 deg C, then I do skate skiing (for which the Swix F4 should work just fine)

I am waxing my skis almost before every session, but 1-2 day before and from home. This is why I would a like a "universal" kind of wax with a wide range.

I was leaning toward the Swix Unviversal Cold. However, the ironing temperature is said to be 120 deg C. Which is fairly low (actually the same as the F4). So I am wondering if this is a decent a good cold wax ?

And how does it compare to CH6 or CH5 which require an Iron of 140-150 deg C (which is riskier and thus more technical to apply) ?

Do you think it will give better performance than F4 for this range of -5 to -15?

Do you know other good alternatives (from Start, Toko, etc) ?

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