What works for powder over crust?

What works best and How to

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What works for powder over crust?

Post by JeffOYB » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:40 pm

I wonder what wax would work for TWO different Natural Conditions that we have locally:


Our local conditions are such that forest trails aren't skiable. But out on golf courses we have a crusty, icy base of about 1" with a 1/2" of cold windblown powder over that. Lovely... At least it's skiable.

Any kickwax recipe suitable for this?

I suppose my hardwax was working OK today. It was 20F and I was using old Blue Swix.

Any other ideas?

I was thinking maybe a base of green klister with blue kick on top?

Some places where the powder is really thin the skis just slip and squirm on the ice underneath. But sometimes the icy is a bit softer and "toothier" crust and it still works OK when I bust thru the powder.

I tried skating with my old non-cap skis and they side-slipped terribly -- unworkable. I think something with a molded strong sharp edge is needed. I have a newer pair of skate skis that are fresher, better edges, that I will mount up and try.

It seems like waxes are designed for groomed skiing. Sometimes tracks get left alone and become hard ice with a bit of powder in them, but usually the base isn't crust. We're dealing with nature's own around here.


I skied up north a couple hours last weekend. There was about 6" a few days old. A volunteer groomer crew had just set a track for a first time on it. They groomed the day before, but part of the trail they groomed only an hour before. And some of the trail wasn't groomed at all. 25degF. Here's the final wrinkle: some of the trail went on a sunny river bluff from time to time. So here's how the skiing played out. We used nowax skis. The day-old track was fine and fast. The hour-old track was sticky half the time, nearly clumping on the skis. (I'm thinking the sticky came from insulated earth heat coming up thru the recently groomed snow.) The sunny bluff track was fairly wet and a bit sticky. The ungroomed skiing was our standard "long stride galumphing" -- a bit longer than a walk but running being silly.

I was thinking "glad we have nowaxers," but is there a wax set-up that would've worked? I recall the chat about START OSLO that's good for going from low to high elevation -- cold tracks to warm tracks.
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Re: What works for powder over crust?

Post by osloskier » Fri Jan 08, 2016 7:45 pm

#1: A thin layer of blue klister (in the klister zone only), let it harden outside for a while, then blue wax on top should work fine.

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