Anti-icing spray that lasts longer?

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Anti-icing spray that lasts longer?

Post by JeffOYB » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:09 pm

It snowed last night. Wet. 25F this morning, rising to 30 when I went skiing.

Packy snow that made clumping sounds as I skied.

The old Blizzard Chemical's rocked really nicely. (Hairies.) For waxing the old Swix red-Violet (soft purple) worked pretty good.

But icing was a bit of a problem after a few km even on hairies w fresh silicone spray.

Anyone know of a spray that endures better? Is there something a lot better than silicone?

I'm guessing that Helx might be the stuff -- is there a cheaper option that's still pretty good?

I don't know if the spray wore off or what was happening. It really only iced up on unskied snow that might have had wet places under it. I could scrape off the ice if I stopped a sec. One ski kept on re-icing here and there on it.

Can you use the same spray to prevent kickwax from icing? To some extent?
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