Roller Skies All Terrain skates off road skates


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Roller Skies All Terrain skates off road skates

Post by badboz1 » Fri May 24, 2013 4:12 pm

Crosskate 616 Backcountry. Size 11.Limited number made. Near mint condition. Ready to ride. Leki Makalu ultralite poles (like new). Zip Fit liners ( Crosskate 616 Backcountry skates could be the answer. Created by MIT and Stanford graduate James Page, these hefty all-terrain, four-season skates look like a hybrid of a mountain bike and an in-line skate, but offer an added measure of safety. Each skate features a custom in-line ski boot attached to a two-foot-long aluminum frame with a pneumatic tire on each end. The skates perform like cross-country skis and have disc brakes, which activate when you lean back on the heel of the boot. Two ski poles are recommended to help you traverse rough terrain and simulate skiing.Features two 10-inch, air-filled mountain-bike-style tires connected by an aircraft-grade frame made of welded aluminum. The front tire pivots when the wearer leans his/her body, making the steering and turning process much like it is in downhill snow skiing. The skate only rolls forward too, so that climbing uphill is possible without sliding backward. Boots are attached to the skates but lift at the heel for climbing ease, much like the boots worn in cross-country skiing. And disc brakes on both rear tires ensure stopping power. A low center of gravity and the extra-long length of each skate increases stability. Asking $300
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