Hardwood or Horseshoe for Kids xc ski?

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Hardwood or Horseshoe for Kids xc ski?

Postby Fortunecat500 » Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:00 pm

In a bit of a conundrum about xc ski lessons for my daughter this winter and wonder if any S. Ont ski parents may have some insight.

Last year we did Parent and Tot ski lessons at Hardwood and she enjoyed them a lot. She was 5 at the time and an hour lesson with dad was pretty much exactly what she was interested in.

This year she is 6 and moves up to the next level, which is 2 hours, sans parent, and she is a bit nervous about the switch. Personally, I'm okay with it as it may give me a chance to ski while she is being taught. (Well that's the theory at least)

I've been thinking about switching over to Horseshoe for her lessons, as I personally prefer the vibe and the trails there for my own skiing (and the season pass is WAAAAY cheaper), but I'm wondering if the kids ski lessons are as good as Hardwood's? I'd hate to force her to switch and she finds it a 2 hour slog that totally turns her off skiing.

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