Online movie : Kampen om Tungtvannet

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Online movie : Kampen om Tungtvannet

Postby david-dermott » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:17 pm

I don't think this has been mentioned here.

See some Some REAL "telemark skiing" by real Telemarkings.

This is original movie (1948) "KAMPT OM TUNGTVANNET" (BATTLE for
Heavy water) about the action to prevent Nazi Germany from taking heavy
water from the hydro-power plant in Norway.

There are lots of scenes of skiing and most of the "actors" are the
original members of the mission , so they are good skiers.

This much better than the Kirk Douglas "Heros of Telemark" (1965) movie

There are even English subtitles
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Re: Online movie : Kampen om Tungtvannet

Postby Neuro » Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:45 am

Like you say a truly unique documentary in that it's the real people and not actors (except the leader Joachim Ronneberg who didn't want to take part). How come you know about this old classic?

This story is of course known to all here, but for me, the part that has stuck in the mind since I was young was when one of the group (Claus Helberg) after laying low for a while, went back to the mountain to recover some weapons. Entering a cabin for a food break he sees the Germans had recently ransacked it, and going outside to check he sees a patrol come rushing back to the cabin for him.

An actual ski chase to the death then followed. Helberg was fast and soon only one of the Germans managed to stay with him. Helberg was faster uphill, the German downhill. This chase lasted for a while. Eventually the German got too close for comfort and Claus had to get out his gun and then so did the German. The German panicked from the initial shots and emptied his whole magazine and missed all. He then turned around to escape, but Helberg knew he couldn't let him go (presumably to come back later with a machine gun or whatever) so he sprinted after him for all he was worth and when he was about 30 meters emptied his clip and thought he got a hit.

Soon it got dark and Helberg fell off a cliff and broke his arm. He then skied several hours back to a village where he tricked the Germans to think he had been a guide in the search effort so they could treat his arm which they did (the nerve!). He had been skiing for 36 hours. He then took a room at a hotel, but as luck would have it, the top Nazi in Norway at that time (Terboven) came to stay at the same hotel, and having been offended by one of the local girls he had forced to dine with him, had all the people in the hotel arrested. On the bus on the way to the prison camp the next day, Claus jumped off the moving bus and managed to escape despite hand grenades being thrown at him.

In the film, the ski chase is portrayed as when Helberg goes down to town for supplies, but this is all wrong. It's still him skiing in the film (see around the 30 minute mark).

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