Prince Harry's South Pole skis

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Prince Harry's South Pole skis

Post by pcfithian » Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:45 am

What skis are were used by the group on this trek?

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Re: Prince Harry's South Pole skis

Post by Raubie » Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:53 am

Madshus "Glittertinds." [They took 2 spares each. Don't recall reading if they broke any. Bindings: specialized Rotefella 3-pin plate. Boots: Alpha Modre]

More info (North Pole WWtW: pics and video): ... e-wounded-" onclick=";return false;–-on-madshus-gear/
South Pole WWtW: ... enge-2013/" onclick=";return false;

The Glittertind is a fantastic carbon fibre reinforced BC ski (68-55-62). I picked up a pair of 205cm MGV+ last December (paired with Salomon X-Adv 8 boots/XA bindings). I like it more then the legendary Fischer E99 Tour Xtralites (also c.f.) - it's a bit stiffer and has a surprisingly supple flex--and climbs so well into the high teens that I haven't bothered to buy a set of skins for them. So many posters at TelemarkTips raved about these I decided to pick up a pair - a real bargain at $240 (vs ~$380 for the Fischers).

Next year, it looks like Madshus is rebranding these as "BC55" (maybe Europe only), and the Voss will become "BC50." The "55" and "50" being the waist width. A bit surprisging given the rep of these brand names in a crowded segment. Maybe there's more substantial changes to the skis then just new top sheets...

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