Examples of recent triumphs in XC marketing?

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Examples of recent triumphs in XC marketing?

Post by JeffOYB » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:02 pm

Are there examples of marketing triumphs for XC skiing in recent years?

Like, did the development of the NNN-2 / Profil systems translate into huge gains in sales and a lot more skiers out there having fun? (It should have.)

Did the development of midlength skis boom XC popularity in some places? (It should have.)

Did creation of new organizational structures -- like CXC -- build a stronger base that is blossoming to a big new level?


What are older examples of breakthrus that resulted in big boosts?

...In the mid-90's Kaye Kraypohl started the Women's Ski Tour in Michigan. Women participation in ski racing had dropped to about 6 entering the Vasa. In two years she had 2000 women skiing her event. It was a triumph for the Ski Party concept.

...Bill Koch League.

...In the 1970's in Michigan I heard that Rossi sponsored a van full of skis and 2 dudes to drive around to schools for afterschool ski sessions. This resulted in most of the ski scene that now exists here. It was the one and only big generation of skiers that was recruited. The project was soon canceled. No other sizable age-group entered the MI scene since.
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