Where's the fever?

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Where's the fever?

Postby JeffOYB » Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:02 pm

We've been getting blizzarded on here in downstate Michigan. Then it gets 50degF and all goes away then we get another blizzard! Yeah, crazy.

But we've been having fun.

My news to report is that we've been having Party Ski outings here.

We had a really fun backyard biathlon with pellet guns at night around a bonfire. With a big worklight and headlamps.

And I went full fluoro for the first time!

I love waxing. I could be a total addict. For both skate and classic. Love it all. Love ski tech, too. Skis, flex -- the works. (I wonder about 215's, 220's -- don't see em -- does longer simply test slower?) I would include as much tour ski tech as possible, too.

I used a semi-official fluoro waxing regimen for a recent ski tour party day and it worked great and I had what felt like miracle skis. Very greasy in 40-50degF.

I waxed some old Fastwax plain Red to start. Then Swix HF20 (i think, some warm weather fluoro). Then I crayoned on some Start pure fluoro and ironed that with a pass. I rilled with the edge of a file.

This was wet sloppy snow that was still snow. Not transformed.

I used my Blizzard Chemicals. I had great grip and glide. Better than anyone else. Though the others were reporting fun skis as well. Nobody was sticking or clomping or suffering.

30 of us went out for great fun. Lots of different fitness and skill levels but we all stayed together. We'd attack the half-mile long uphills then wait at the top for everyone. Plus we'd stop at overlooks and have bevs. So all the fast people got to hammer a lot. And nobody got dropped. But the slowest only had 2 long breaks. We were out for 2.5 hrs. ... one 20min "oranges and cookies" stop and one 30min "sandwiches and cured meats" stop.
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