Skating (and skiing) expedition in Lapland

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Skating (and skiing) expedition in Lapland

Postby david-dermott » Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:09 pm

This was a skating expedition (they also skied a bit) in Lapland,
Jan 11 to 16 2016 by 3 members of Stockholm skating club SSSK, led by
Oskar Karlin.

The main goal was to skate on lake Vastenjaure, which they
accomplished on day 4 , possibly the first recorded skate on that lake.

The total distance of 164 km, and the distance on day 4 of 50 km may
not seem impressive, but remember that this was early January, above the
Arctic Circle, so there was only a few hours of daylight. Temperatures
were around -25C.

They spent the long cold nights in 3 hikers' huts along the trail.

18 minute Video on youtube:

There is a trip report(Swedish) with photos at :
David Dermott, Wolfville Ridge, Nova Scotia

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