Any growth potential for skiing?

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Re: Any growth potential for skiing?

Postby MN Hoser » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:12 pm

So, I skied the Birkie trail yesterday, and then skied in MPLS today. The Birkie trail was good for this time of year (in the era of Global Warming). It had enough snow to cover everything, but not enough snow and grooming to make it smooth. Back in the late 80's and early 90's, they was plenty of snow but not enough grooming. Anyway, I skied the classic trail out (OO to the Powerlines) and then the skate trail back. The classic trail was lumpy and the Birkie trail was smoother, maybe because either it's smoother or grooming has made it smoother.

A great day of skiing in spite of lumpy conditions. These are the type of workouts that get you strong. Three hours in the hills; it leaves the body trashed.

Today I skied at Wirth Park, it sucked. Sure, I was able to "get around" on a loop in the natural snow, but it had seen so much traffic that it was hard as hell. They can't groom it because there isn't enough snow, and as it is, there' dirt showing.

The artificial loop was good enough, but certainly icy enough that you needed "technique" to maintain an edge. I don't believe I have the will power to ski three hours on that, and if I did, I don't think my body would be as trashed as skiing three hours on the Birkie trail. But, we have to remember that skiing on artificial snow is skiing! (compared to what we'll have after the rain).

Those living in snow country are fortunate.


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