Astonished at the winter hate in my region...

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Astonished at the winter hate in my region...

Postby JeffOYB » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:55 pm

I'm acquainted with quite a few bike racers in downstate Michigan. These folks are proud of their ability to thrive in tough conditions and to have fun when normal people think it's not possible. They all do long gravel rides in the dark and cold and wind and mud wearing headlamps.

But once snowy winter rolls around every year -- occupying more than a quarter of their lives -- they start whining and lamenting the weather. They complain about how cold it is.

They seem to not understand something that they must understand. This seems like a definition of insanity.

...When it's cold out if people go outside and do something for awhile they become warm. Bikers know this. Why do they deny it for almost a THIRD of a year?

They refuse to enjoy winter. Refuse to hardly ever enjoy the CLEAN WHITE SNOW and fresh air. They ride their trainers and work out in gyms and complain amongst themselves.

I just overheard some of them saying that they went outside today and were SWEARING. "Yeah, ya gotta swear when you go out in this cold." It was 15 degrees and calm. Fresh snow. (The one tough lady biker was wearing a somewhat loose weave hat.)

A lot of bike racers in other cold regions love XC skiing and all sorts of outdoor rec. Michiganders who live up north where it's colder and snowier all seem to love winter. Winter sports are a thing, are a part of life in snow country. Coz it's gonna be cold and snowy for MONTHS so you better figure out how to LIVE where you ARE. And what's not to love? When you do things outside you are NOT cold! It takes a few minutes to warm up and get toasty.

I just don't get it.
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Re: Astonished at the winter hate in my region...

Postby skiffrace » Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:24 pm

In Minnesota bikers whine about snow, while in Little Beirut a light coating evokes reaction as if a thermonuclear war broke out. ... _big-photo

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Re: Astonished at the winter hate in my region...

Postby PortlandORXCER » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:08 pm

A lot of athletes are singularly focused. I know runners who will only run. They don't ride bikes, swim, kayak, XC ski, snowshoe, SUP or in line skate. They only run, even with all of the opportunity to do other outdoor sports. If injured, they won't diversify; rather, they just get fat and out of shape instead of getting a $300.00 bike off Craigslist just so they can get out and stay active. Cyclists, too. They won't run to catch someone stealing their bike, much less getting out for a short five mile run on a nasty rainy or snowy day. They ride the trainer.

But it's their loss. These folks won't change and I have a million other things to fret about.

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