Is this old age? ...Sore hips!

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Is this old age? ...Sore hips!

Post by JeffOYB » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:05 am

Is this what old age is gonna be like? I'm 55 and already am starting to get blindsided way too often.

I notice before getting outta bed this morning that both my hips are sore. Tender to the touch. Below the sockets.

I've been getting creaking getting up from my desk chair lately. But this soreness is a first. Like I've crashed on both sides. But I haven't.

I haven't been over-skiing. Only a mile yesterday!

...And yesterday I was thinking, Hmmm, doesn't seem like I could do a couple hours a day anymore in a training cycle. I was pondering Friel's "Fast Over Fifty." Where the training week goes to 9 days and includes more rest, days off, etc. ...Coz I was feeling a little tired after a couple hours of skiing and snowshoveling the day before. So I only skied a mile or two yesterday. A wee mile! A little warmup on the yard trail. Now this...

I suppose it only gets worse.

Hmmm... Maybe there are some joint pain food changes? Or I could do more full range of motion calisthenics? It might be that daily full range exercises are more impt, even critical, to continued good function. Doing activities is one thing, like various sports, but none of them tend to cover the whole range. Maybe they need daily supplementing especially as some of us are lucky enough to age. (As compared to the alternative.)
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