Preparing for the future: 15 cm snow good enough

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Preparing for the future: 15 cm snow good enough

Post by Neuro » Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:02 pm

Looking ahead to 2050, Skiforeningen (Oslo ski organization, the biggest in Norway), made a report how to meet coming winters with poor snow, and suggested that wood roads (gravel) be flattened and paths made into flat roads in order to make skiable tracks on 15 cm snow, compared to the 25 cm needed now on the graveled roads and good trails, and 50 cm for rough trails). Also snow cannons would be added along popular tracks to make artificial snow depots.

Interestingly, neither in the report, on their site or in comments is rollerskiing ever mentioned. It's slightly bizarre. It's like rollerski is not ski, but unsurprising as the organization is extremely old fashioned and hardly wanted to change tracks for skating early on. I wrote to the new general secretary Erik Eide about putting emphasis on rollerskiing right after he took office as he seemed more modern, but not a word to me or elsewhere about it.

Flattening roads for less snow is great, but putting asphalt on some to have a ski alternative in the woods for non-snow months seems such an obvious move to make with the realities of climate change. Yes, it's expensive, but there is no doubt there is a prevalent view that asphalt in the woods is not 'the right and natural way', even from politicians whose job it is to ensure people's health by getting exercise, and where outdoor life has a special standing in our culture - especially XC skiing. The general sporting organizations are happy to spend billions on 2 weeks of olympic games, but nothing for ensuring our national sport with a proper rollerskiing infrastructure for the future.

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Re: Preparing for the future: 15 cm snow good enough

Post by JeffOYB » Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:21 pm

we prep our local trails to avoid sticks and stones and can get hundreds of skiers enjoying 2" base and 1" on top. also there is no need for tracks with modern equipment.
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