Hamstring injury from missed kicks...

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Hamstring injury from missed kicks...

Postby JeffOYB » Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:47 pm

Anyone else get this? If I miss a few kicks during a hard workout I'll have injured hamstrings for a few days. Ugh.
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Re: Hamstring injury from missed kicks...

Postby Montana » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:49 am

Not me. These days I only ski classic style. I do miss a few kicks especially on steep uphills. I've never experienced a sore hamstring or hamstring pull from those.
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Re: Hamstring injury from missed kicks...

Postby Neuro » Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:04 am

Not hamstrings, getting slightly sore achilles but not sure from missed kicks or what.

Think it's just from doing a lot of classic which I haven't done for years.

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