do regular citizen skiers enjoy manmade snow in europe?

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do regular citizen skiers enjoy manmade snow in europe?

Post by JeffOYB » Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:30 am

It seems the WC racing is adapting to unreliable snow by relying on snowmaking and snow additives to toughen snow against warmth and by other tactics like shorter loops, making it reasonable to maintain with manmade snow.

...But do regular people get to enjoy these facilities after the racing?

Do regular people in Europe now frequently ski on manmade snow? Are they also being adapted to shorter loops?

It looks like I have two questions. I like both of them so I'll come out with it. ...Are WC courses skied on by regular folks after the big races? I've seen descriptions that the new shorter-loop courses also have their drama compressed and are very hilly with a lot of steep twisty features. I like the sounds of that but is it too much for the public? Maybe they have easier route options that they re-open and maintain for the regular folks.

Even for places that don't need (as much) snowmaking, are WC courses part of public recreation venues? Do locals get to ski the WC courses?

Like, over here in the US, is Soldier Hollow popular w regular folks? I've visited it and it didn't seem like a place where anyone would want to ski recreationally, offhand. It seems like a wide open stadium type venue, not recreational. ?

Back to snowmaking, we have a couple places in our region that do snowmaking for their regular XC customers -- they have one snowgun each and maintain a simple little oval of 1-2km. They also make a pile of snow they can cart around.

Do they use a lot of snowmaking for recreational skiing in Europe? Heck, do we have bigger trail systems here in the US that rely on snowmaking?

Snowmaking is for sure relied on for both racing and recreation in downhill skiing. How much does recreational XC now rely on snowmaking? (Whew.)
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Re: do regular citizen skiers enjoy manmade snow in europe?

Post by Magnus Johansson » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:19 am

World Cup courses here in Sweden are open for citizen skiers, but they are often so hilly and demanding that not many such skiers can enjoy them.

Snowmaking is used more and more also on easier recreation trails.

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Re: do regular citizen skiers enjoy manmade snow in europe?

Post by Neuro » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:39 am

I only know Holmenkollen race course which is open to all any time except when there are events, and it is the first to open and last to close in the winter because of top snow making and prepping. The main part is too tough to be enjoyed by most, but possible to cut out the worst parts by skiing a section of it.

About snowmaking for XC, it's only seen on club grounds or competition venues, but there are plans to counter the poor winters with snow cannons along the most popular routes.

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