Just heard neat idea for teaching "ready stance"

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Just heard neat idea for teaching "ready stance"

Post by JeffOYB » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:09 am

I'm taking swing dance classes. Instructor tells us to get the pulse of the rhythm before starting any moves and to be in the ready stance. She says "Now everybody stand, then jump straight up, then try to land without making a sound." Everybody jumps and lands w a nice deep knee and ankle flex w hips right over and no bend in the waist. Seems like a great way to get skiers ready!

When I have them do the gunslinger or wrestler pose they mostly fail. It takes a minute to get them looking good.

Also when they go down hills the beginners tend to immediately do the "stiff straight legs hinge at waist hands up and back" routine and ignore all other info then crash. But with my last person I had them do the jump and "quiet" landing at the top of the hill and they seemed to keep a nicer readier flex on the descent...and didn't crash.
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