Advantage of longer Nordic Ice Skate?

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Advantage of longer Nordic Ice Skate?

Post by JeffOYB » Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:16 am

Yeah, ice skating isn't skiing, but in this case it's nordic. ...and when we don't have snow, they're kind of similar.

I see that the skates vary in range from 15" to about 21".

The ones I have are like 17".

I'm wondering if 21" would have some noticeable benefits for typical use on wild ice.

i see there are some length suggestions based on body-height.

some also have a more gradual tip curve -- which i see being smoother on rough ice or transitions.

i talked to the nordicskater guy but he seems to be retiring and a relative taking over. he said the longer ones are more stable -- so there's that.

i wondered if anyone here had any experience.
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