global forum rather than just American

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global forum rather than just American

Post by Ken Roberts » Tue Dec 12, 2006 12:03 pm

J Klok wrote
I hope this will be allowed to become Global rather than just American. Europe totally lacks a general website, each language gets it's own, and therefor forums stay small. Most of Europe speaks English though, as a common language.
I think if this website does a good job of just being itself -- and then does something to advertise its presence to European XC skiers -- some European skiers will join for the reasons J Klok gives -- partly to get a chance to practice their English (an important career skill), and sometimes because they lived in USA or Canada for a while, and they like to feel they're staying in contact with that experience.

Another thing to try is add some specific Forums which are especially interesting to European skiers, but also to some North Americans:

* World Cup racing

is one that immediately comes to mind, from looking at the history of rec.skiing.nordic and seeing what participants with European-sounding email addresses or names tend to post about there. (I confess I also like the idea of trying to keep the racing "spectators" from clogging up the discussions among actual race participants.)

A more "long-shot" attempt at a Forum topic might be something like "Theory of Technique", based on the stereotype that Americans are more likely to want some specific tip for "what works for me now" -- while skiers who went thru European or other non-USA education systems are more likely to think there should be wider-ranging theoretical principles to examine (? and more likely have actually learned enough hard science and mathematics in their education to have a chance of understanding the theory?). Only a stereotype.


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