CAT skis

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CAT skis

Post by jasper110 » Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:29 am


i'm still looking for a summertime XC ski training tool. i've posted in the past asking about classic rolllerskis.

on the rollerski front, i've continued using the marwe barrel wheeled skate rollerskis on a dedicated circuit thats around 800m in length. the only problem is thats it's over one hours drive away, and we have the most expensive fuel in europe (im in scotland).

being a member of a club i've managed to borrow the same rollerskis to try out on my local rural roads. this has produced mixed results; poor surfaces and drivers who are quite happy to take a 6 month driving ban and £500 fine killing you rather than slow down and give a little space. (really this is what you're likely to get for killing someone on the roads in the UK!)

although i like skating, i still find something appealing in the classic style. i guess that classic rollerskis are going to encounter the same problems as i have on the skate version locally, plus a ski instructor tells me to stay clear or else.

so i'm looking at CATskis. quite honestly these will cost me more than i'd want to admit in public so i'd like to ask for opinion. ideally from those who maybe own or have had the oppotunity to try them out.

the only reviews i can find rave about them, but there aren't that many.

the reason i'm looking at these is that there are plenty of areas locally that i could use them without risking life. i would also hope to improve my beginners technique, improve fitness etc etc. (i know i could get fitter by getting off the couch and doing other activities, but this would be sport specific) i could still maintain rollerskiing skills (or lack of) by borrowing my clubs gear and using the purpose built track on occasion.

any thoughts?

many thanks.

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CAT skis

Post by prestonidaho » Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:37 pm

I'm certainly not an expert at CAT skiing; in fact I've only been on them about four times since ordering them a couple weeks ago. They were a little challenging at first, but I'm getting better. I even have moment of skiing grace. The more I use them the more I like them. They are well built and so for really tough.

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