Jenex offroad roller skis long-term durability

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Jenex offroad roller skis long-term durability

Postby skiffrace » Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:45 am

Hello again,
Here is my second question about Jenex offroad roller skis
It deals with the reliability\durability of the Jenex rollers skis. I am referring to this specific model:

I am asking because I had these skis about 14 years ago. They started to disintegrate within a few months of semi-regular (weekends only) use. The problems were numerous, but the biggest one was the abysmal quality of the aluminum frame. It was built from the weakest, cheapest aluminum one could imagine. The frame was put together with bolts, and the bolts were gradually enlarging the holes they were sitting in, loosening and 'decomposing' the entire structure.
The end result was that I had to throw the roller skis away after perhaps one year, during which I used them maybe 40 or 50 times.

I wonder if Jenex has improved the quality of those skis since then?

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Re: Jenex offroad roller skis long-term durability

Postby JeffOYB » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:58 pm

I bought a first-season pair of their 125's. Like 150's I think except smaller wheels.

They had wheel issues early on. Jenex changed its tech a few times to try to provide good wheels. I think they're finally there! (Don't they have a slimed tire now? Maybe even foamed.)

I've used mine steadily for 15 years, I'd guess. A dozen times an autumn, average, maybe more.

I also had a pair of Czech (?) cheap classic rollerskis. They rotted and broke in one season. That seemed really weird. No response from the maker. Maybe they were called Speed? I have them around still. They had fairly narrow wheels and were fun to use to work on balance.

I wonder if maybe road salt related to the ruination of those alum beams?

My Jenex 125's have lost a fair amount of paint. Nothing seems to be hurting them. Yet.

I enjoy classic kicking on rollerskis but they do mess me up awhile when I return to snow. I also use CAT Skis to actually train better kick and hip-drive. The opposite situation to rollerskis messing you up. My net result is just fun training, it seems. No harm.
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