Jenex offroad roller skis braking and binding safety.

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Jenex offroad roller skis braking and binding safety.

Postby skiffrace » Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:02 am

Hello everybody,
I am a new user of this forum, hailing from Portland, OR.

I would like to ask 2 different questions about the offroad roller skis from Jenex. I will post the other question on a separate thread.

I once had Jenex offroad roller skis, and after a long hiatus would like to return to the sport.
Here in Portland it's a long drive to get to the snow (1.5 hours+), so roller skiing is a good year-round alternative.

From what I remember, the roller skis were very difficult to slow down or stop effectively.
Neither the speed reducer nor the brakes were effective, at least that's how I remember them.
Back then I used them on a perfectly flat bike path. I live now in a different part of town, with a magnificent natural area near by. It has several miles of smooth gravel trails winding among the woods.

The problem: it has some hills. I would love to roller ski there. OTOH, I have an old shoulder injury (torn rotator cuffs) that would be aggrevated if I fall on the inured hand.
So, I'd like to ask, how effective are the current implementation of speed reducers\brakes?
Also, does the binding release in the fall, similar way to the downhill bindings?
Is there any other technique\technology to slow down or stop effectively?

I consider buying one of these 2 models: ... ro-xl150sc

I'd greatly appreciate any information :-)

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Re: Jenex offroad roller skis braking and binding safety.

Postby TooHeavy » Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:58 pm

I have a pair of 150 skate I picked up used. Low use and tires look like new. I have used them about 3 hours total and the tires show no wear on a crushed stone and small gravel rail trail. It is flat so a lot of your questions about braking I do not know about. I have crashed once and no bindings do not release. Same as ski bindings, but hurt a lot more.

I would not buy the classic model because you can just double pole with the skate model to simulate classic skiing. The sport is going that way anyhow. I have owned Swedski 2000 classics back in the day and you were taking your life in your hands going down hills and the kick action was not even close to snow and all classic roller skis are the same in my opinion for kick action.
I have watched on You Tube people going down hills with speed reducers so I don't think you will have a problem
I am happy ,I bought them because I won't roller ski on roads anymore. Ken in Ontario

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