A question or two

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A question or two

Postby kentek » Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:34 am

I am considering getting into roller skiing. I currently am doing inline speed skating but I am limited to where I can skate. My thinking is because roller ski wheels are softer than inline wheels I can venture onto bike trails too rough for my skates.

Question: how does one control downhill speed? On skates I can drag my wheels sideways for speed control or I can do serpentine turns. How do you do it with roller skis?
Next, how do you get over speed bumps? On skates I take them straight on and on one skate. As I hit the bump I slightly relax knee and ankle and I get over it easily. If I am really going fast I will jump the damn thing.
And, lastly (for now) what can I expect in the transition from skates to roller skis?

I am ex XC skate skier and have excellent technique on inlines.

Ken in Camarillo (the only skater there)

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Re: A question or two

Postby Chris » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:12 pm

Not sure what the condition of the bike paths are, but if they are not paved most rollerskis won't work.

Some people drag a ski sideways behind them to slow down. More common is something similar to a snow plow on snow, but it isn't as effective as a snowplow on snow. Putting one ski off the side of the path can also be used.

Speed bumps like I have pictured in my mind need to be stepped or jumped over since the rollerskis would bottom out rolling over them.

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Re: A question or two

Postby davidb » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:39 pm

I think speed bumps can be a problem, but often they aren't, particularly with skates-- depends. Bear in mind that rollerski pole tips won't bite on concrete.
Can't really comment on inline technique carry over (its been a while) but I think they're really dissimilar.
I slow down by walking and not going fast down hill to begin with, but sometimes it's fun traversing down, maybe good for step turns too. Snowplowing eats wheels which are more expensive than inline wheels.

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