List of 2016 North American Rollerski Races?

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List of 2016 North American Rollerski Races?

Post by dcpattie » Wed May 04, 2016 6:28 pm

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of rollerski races in N. America (preferably classic)?

I noticed that Scandinavia just started the World Classic Tour, The World's First Rollerski Race Circuit. Three of the largest rollerski events in the world, the Blink Ski Festival (Oslo), the Swedish Alliance Loppet (Trollhättan) and the Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp (Kragerø), have joined forces to form one race circuit, the World Classic Tour.
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Re: List of 2016 North American Rollerski Races?

Post by TooHeavy » Thu May 05, 2016 10:14 am

Most roller ski races in North America are low key and specific to different areas. Back in the day (way back) we had a couple races on the Southern Ontario Division schedule held in the fall which I would race in. The problem with roller ski races is the variation in ski speeds. This does not paint a true picture of a Athletes fitness. We had masters beating national team racers due to the speed of their ski's and back then the hot ticket were Roller Blade's which were allowed. The only way Roller ski races would mean anything to me is if the race was ran on a standard ski and wheel combination by all racers. This combination would have to be a lot slower than the racing models raced on in Europe to be closer to on snow speed and work load. Just my two cents.

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