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Post by Neuro » Sun May 21, 2017 10:35 am (Use Google translate or similar to get the English text)

This is from 2015 and just a handful models, but still interesting.

It's just a one day comparative test, but still a lot of useful info like weight, wheel base, length etc.

Lots of factors judged, but seems stability was the main one, at least for the skate skis.

Interestingly, both the aluminum classic and skate version of Swenor won the test, which I frankly assume must be at least slightly connected to most skiers using this here (at least from what I see and what most shops carry).

Also worth noting Swenor Skate was viewed better than Swenor Skate Elite.

But notice how well Quionne came out. "Feels very lightweight and with a special construction that makes you almost unaware that you have skis on your feet" The comment that it's suitable for lightweight skiers, probably just means they didn't know it came in different stiffness versions.

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