Changing pneumatic tube/tire

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Changing pneumatic tube/tire

Post by Neuro » Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:53 am

Have a good method or tips? Let's collect them here.

I just got Jenex V2 Aero XL 150 and had to change a flat. It's not easy and in the process I ruined a tube and had to do it again. I tried various methods on the net, but found the best without special tools is:
  • 1. Put dish washing soap on the tire beads and rim edge so they will slide more easily off/on. (not hand soap as that will not dry quickly and make the whole job a slippery mess)

    2. Take the whole tire off the rim using tyre levers. Use small levers or nail pullers, too wide levers (bicycle levers) can be tricky.

    3. Inflate the new tube slightly, powder it with for example talcum and put it inside the tire.

    4. Put the valve through the rim hole, making sure it's in the right direction (pointing away from the spoke) and lying flat(ish) to the rim and not pushed upright

    5. WHILE ALL THE TIME TAKING CARE THE VALVE IS NOT STRESSED, push one bead hard onto the rim with a starting point 90 degrees from the valve, and continue squeezing the rest on, using a lever for the last part. This first bead is not as hard as it seems, just push the rim and tire hard together at the starting point.

    6. Deflate the tube a bit by depressing the valve, but no need to squeeze out all the air.

    7. The final tire bead is the hard part: Still being mindful of the valve not being pushed in any way (better that it's flat than pushed upright), and again starting 90 degrees from the valve, start putting the bead on. I used locking pliers to squeeze the tire at that point to have a fixed reference that will not pop off. Now work 2 levers or the nail pullers gradually up from the starting point, but 3 levers/pullers might be better. Force is needed, but take care not to hurt the tube. You might have to put on more soap for this step.

    8. Once everything is on, move the tyre on the rim so that the valve is perfectly aligned with the hole.
Some other how-to's: ... 0MOUNT.pdf

Some nice tools:

V2Aero Tire Changing Station_v2
Skike Tire Changing Tool
Nail puller

nail puller looks like this:


Pullers should probably be made more blunt by filing or grinding.

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