Innovations in today's rollerskis?

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Innovations in today's rollerskis?

Postby JeffOYB » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:41 pm

Are there awesome rollerskis out there today?

What are the traits ppl are looking for?

I'd think

#1: feels like snow.

#2: cushy and smooth on a variety of pavement surfaces

#3: doesn't crash you when you hit a pebble

...I got the Jenex V2 125's when he first made them. I've enjoyed them all along. But he's outta biz, right? Any other new skis roll smooth and safe like these? Maybe new skis have this figured out. It looks like some have bigger wheels, for one thing.

How about say what's hot in skate and in classic.
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Re: Innovations in today's rollerskis?

Postby Neuro » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:53 am

For skating, I suppose to feel like ski on snow it must mean the ski washes out a bit at the push-off, but most rollerski doesn't do that. They must also be light.

From the skis I've looked at, the Quionne carbon fibre ski with hinged forks seems to be the closest to achieving that, but really just guessing as I haven't tried them.


They should also have good damping.

As for the last criteria, that might require inflatable wheels if the softest PU wheels don't absorb well enough. If you could find some small inflatables (Skike?) to fit the Quionne, that would probably be the best.

As for other innovations, the latest brake type is attached to the shoe, like Fischer and Skike are making. This will help with the balance of the ski and keep the weight of the ski down, and there's no rubbing as happens when the arm is attached to the ski:



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