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Re: How to promote rollerskiing?

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:40 am
by sangreen
It seems many of the comments here are related to WHY rather than the HOW aspect which was asked by the OP.

Promotion seems to happen at a different levels (local, regional, national) and each is apparently driven by different factors (I'm thinking of the "Lance effect" on USA cycling). As a small number of enthusiasts I do not think there is any way one could have an impact beyond the local level. I would say there are several ways to do this:

(1) schedule and publicly advertise group training sessions (social media, club website, etc); For some reason grouping up adds legitimacy to an activity. You're no longer just that weird guy tooling around the bike path on strange skates. It also adds accountability to the members so participation is better maintained.

(2) advertise free technique clinics through the same media; No matter what anyone says the sport of XC is technically demanding, FREE lessons are a fantastic tool for recruitment

(3) organize a race or race series; I have seen this many times with various activities and locations. Organized events provide visibility.

I realize all of these are very general. Specifically for rollerskiing, I agree with Jeff that choosing the right location is 99% of the battle. Some regions simply might not offer an appropriate venue; but if you can find gentle terrain, smooth pavement, and no/light vehicle traffic then game on!

Lastly, sorry to the OP, but I see no reason to promote rollerskiing. :-(

Re: How to promote rollerskiing?

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:55 pm
by JeffOYB
maybe one of the reasons the question of PR comes up is seeing all those sweet videos of European pro rollerski racing. They seem to be able to make a "thing" of it -- so why can't we? So it makes ppl think "If we just set it up right, maybe..."

Our regional metro area had a critical mass of XC racers and so for many years there were weekly gatherings of quite a few ppl training on RS. There was also an awesome closed-course metropark venue near where most folks lived. Perfect combo.

Sadly I live an hour away and so I only occasionally visited. It wasn't THAT fun.

For me, I jump w joy that I found cyclocross in the fall and there ya have it. I do my XC training on my own. I wd go out w a RS gang nearby, tho. I also do Catskiing and canoeing and circuit calisthenics in the fall.

I think we might now have THREE local folks who own RS. I'm not sure we have even one truly suitable venue. Our urban bikepath is too busy. An urban cemetery is gorgeous and popular w runners but too hilly and risky for RS. It wouldn't be worth it to sweep it for just 3 of us. Hmmm... or maybe it would? I doubt I'd go out of my way. CX has my attn. I use safe, smooth, tolerant V2-125's on a quiet neighborhood loop on my block. It has a nice hill, safe runout and is wide and nearly car-free. Good for a boring 15 minute dose just to keep familiarity.

Re: How to promote rollerskiing?

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 3:23 am
by trotro
> maybe one of the reasons the question of PR comes up is seeing all those sweet videos of European pro rollerski racing

There is the Castle race which looks pretty comparable to Lysebotn/Blink.

Interestingly the Brits do a lot of Rollerski promotion - probably because they lack much in the way of Cross country skiing. Maybe worth looking at their example. They have rollerskiing in Hyde park in London. Even the future queen's sister has got in on it (she's an accomplished long distance skier). ... mpian.html

Round here there are a lot of rollerski events - summer/autumn hill climbs like l'Alpe d'Huez, le Revard plus long distance races such as the 67km Roll'Athlon near Aix les Bains but they are really reserved for an elite in view of the difficulty / distance.

Re: How to promote rollerskiing?

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:09 am
by jt10000
JeffOYB wrote:seeing all those sweet videos of European pro rollerski racing

Question: does anyone know if these videos show the skiers using "pro" : elbow pads, knee and hip pads, plus full face helmets (I know you don't use those but neuro suggests them). To show how safe the sport can be. Anyone know?

Re: How to promote rollerskiing?

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:38 am
by Neuro
Yes, location is a big factor although many parks usually have nice asphalted area. But even sidewalks will do yet they are rarely used.

Here in Norway grants are given to help build dedicated rollerski tracks and they are coming up surely and steadily. The one pictured below in Sandnes (Sandnes Arena) looks stunning, but when I visited the page, one of the first thing I saw was a picture of girl with massive scrape up her whole side as there is an Instagram feed on the site showing user pics there and that will surely put people off.