older Fischer waxable skis, Weston MA

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older Fischer waxable skis, Weston MA

Postby LewLasher » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:16 pm

Weston Ski Track has a few pairs of Fischer Country (waxable) skis for $20. Also (even fewer) Fischer Sport Glass for $40.
And, for extra fun, an assortment of off-brand waxless skis for $5-10.

Lacking rock skis, I decided to throw $5 at a pair of waxless skis, made in Finland, labelled "Erik" near the tips and "Grip" down toward the tails. The grip feature was implemented with an unusual waxless pattern that I can describe approximately using the word "argyle". I am skeptical that these will merit the cost of installing bindings, but, the rocks are out there, waiting for the chance eventually to destroy these skis. (And these skis are virtually begging to be destroyed.)

I also blew $20 on a pair of Fischer Country skis, which I don't need, but I have many fond memories skiing on those.

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Re: older Fischer waxable skis, Weston MA

Postby zzzz » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:04 am

I got some almost unused Fischer RCS classic skis with Profil bindings at a ski swap last year. They actually didn't sell at the swap, even though they were priced at only $35. I only saw them because I wandered in at the end of the swap to see if my own skis had sold. They are a perfect flex for me (at a totally average ~160 lbs), and are fast, and are probably the best classic race skis I have had, though I've bought many top end ones new.

I guess when people see 25 year old graphics (even though looking new old stock like from a time machine) and bindings, they think they must be slow, but I've had much worse luck spending 10+x more on current year skis at the local shops.

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