Hello from Montana

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Hello from Montana

Post by Lynx » Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:29 am

Greetings all,

I'm a 29 year old student at the University of Montana. Have not done any cross country skiing in 20 years or so. Right now I'm getting together the gear in the hopes of salvaging the last couple months or so of this winter. As I type this, somewhere a pair of Madshus BC 55 MGV+ is moving my way and so are a pair of boots. I must thank this forum for the wealth of information I found here as I lurked quite a bit in order to figure out what I need. My goal is to be able to move around in the backcountry quicker than on snowshoes. I do day trips up the mountain to check a camera trap and to take pictures of the landscape and if I get lucky, wildlife. I am also considering doing some camping where I would be pulling a pulk. I still need to order poles, about which I am still uncertain. I'm 6'2" and it seems that most charts recommend 155cm for a backcountry application, but I want to hear about that from experienced folks. In any case, I'm sure I will have more questions once I hit the snow. Right now my average weekend outing is about 11 miles round trip, with some groomed trail, windy ungroomed trail and about a third off trail with steepish slopes with brush and thick woods (I'm sure I will getting some climbing skins too). Looking forward to learning and sharing!

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Re: Hello from Montana

Post by Montana » Tue Mar 05, 2019 12:43 pm

Welcome! Lots of snow right now in Montana. Enjoy it!
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Re: Hello from Montana

Post by Raubie » Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:40 pm


I have a pair of Madshus Glittertind MGV+ (205cm) and love them for much of what you mentioned--though I choose them over the comparative Fischers for their more forgiving tip and tail for telemark turns. We use them in areas w/a lot of Cedar/Pine/Spruce debris, so opted for the waxless (MGV+) base. What surprised me is how well they climb! Pretty much eliminated the need for half-skins. We don't often get dumps over 8 inches, more often 6 inches, so they're used a lot to break trail for our racing skis. Deeper snow and we pull out the Eons or Epochs and Garmont (now Scott) Excursions. When the conditions are right, they're even skate-able. Easily one of my faves in the quiver.

If you don't have the tools to wax, I highly suggest that you have a shop layer in some hard paraffin wax (Green Start or Swix CH6) to harden the bases. That will make a huge difference, and it'll help protect the bases.

As for pole selection, put your boots on, measure up to your Acromion bone (the small bump on the top of your shoulder-Google it if you're not sure) and that's where the strap of your poles should meet-not the top of the pole grip. A lightweight telescopic pole w/big baskets is an asset in the variable terrain you mentioned. No need to go over 60% carbon fibre. Any more and they're too fragile for backcountry.

Let us know how they work out.

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Re: Hello from Montana

Post by Neuro » Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:00 am

Welcome 8)

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