Backcountry-xcountry skier in Central New Brunswick

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Backcountry-xcountry skier in Central New Brunswick

Post by lilcliffy » Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:01 pm

I am 41 years old, and live near Stanley, New Brunswick, Canada, with my wife and our 4 children. We live on a small farm-woodlot, backing on to thousands of acres of private/public forestland, full of trails, and woods roads. The terrain in this part of NB is gentle to moderate. Our everyday skiing is off-trail xcountry. The snow conditions here can be highly variable. Stanley is in one of the snowbelts of the region- we get a lot of snow! But we are close enough to the coast to still have a maritime effect on our local climate- therefore snow conditions and temperature can range widely from very deep, soft snow following storms, to dense, hard, icy snow. For off-trail xcountry skiing in our backyard- we are using NNNBC system binding/boots, and a variety of skis- ranging from long, narrow (60mm shovel), stiff, double-cambered, metal-edged touring skis; to relatively long, fat (109mm shovel), soft, 1.5 and single-cambered, metal-edged touring skis. We have a young family (youngest of which just turned 1 year old)- so we don't get out much. But in the past (and in the future), my wife and I do mountain touring in northwestern NB, the Gaspe, QC, and the Saguenay, QC. For our mountain touring we use light telemark equipment.

Born in Quebec, I have been xcountry skiing since I was a child. I have also done a fair bit of alpine skiing. I did a fair bit of big-mountain, backcountry skiing when I lived in BC, in the 1990s. My wife comes from an alpine skiing background- but has developed a love of Nordic skiing. My passion is for Nordic skiing.

Although I love downhill runs; I am primarily interested in backcountry touring. Even my "mountain" setup is with 195cm skis. My long-term aspiration is to continuously improve my telemark technique in order to control long skis- so that I do not have to sacrifice glide for easier turns with a shorter ski.

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