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New to Forum from NW WI

Post by blckdmnd » Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:24 pm

Hello to all on the board. My xc skiing started when I married a girl from Hayward, WI in a xc ski family. While dating I refused to take up xc skiing as my preconceived ideas of it was a bunch of rich folks in spandex and I was a die hard freeskier. Fast forward to winter and I was able to watch the Birkie athletes charge around the corner of main street Hayward for the Birkie finish with speed! At that moment I saw the power, the technique, the physical and mental aspects all coming together and knew I wanted to be a part of this sport. I regret that I was so close minded! I now understand the error of my ways and am completely hooked on xc skiing. I learned to love the effort needed and the rewards that come from this sport. This is my 3rd year with the skate technique and I love it. I skied my first Birkie last year only getting in 3 ski sessions due to a change in location to Southwest Utah. (I have since moved back to Osceola, WI ) I came away hungry to improve on a personal time of 5:15. I will be starting wave 6 this year. ( just missed wave 5 by about a minute :x )

I am here to learn anything that I can when it comes to better ways to train and push my pace to the right level for Marathon type races. I felt like I had too much in the tank at the end of my first Birkie. As of right now I am hating low snow conditions and have been in the gym as much as possible doing intervals on a stationary bike and treadmill set to a high incline as well as basic strength training. I have many competitive goals when it comes to skiing ( I hope to make wave 4 this year) but most of all I do this for the fun of the competition, enjoying the exercise, and finding a way to be outdoors more. I look forward to hearing any words of wisdom this greenhorn might need.

Thanks in advance

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Re: New to Forum from NW WI

Post by Montana » Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:51 am

Welcome! I will always remember the poor winters in the Chicago area when I lived there. I learned to drive "up north" to ski. Good luck in the Birkie!
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