Hello from Switzerland!

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Hello from Switzerland!

Post by upacs » Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:03 am

Hi all!

My wife and I are completely new to XC skiing. I'm a road cycling nut, and she is always happy for an excuse to burn some calories, so XC skiing fits us nicely in the winter months, when it's too cold, icy and nasty out there to go out on the bike. So this year we went for it, took a lesson (so far) and having a blast.

Given we are not skiers, you can imagine what we look like with two long sticks on our feet, and two sticks on our hands. Needless to say I've managed to get all tangled up a few times already and hit the deck, but I'll get there. My wife on the other hand looks like graceful swan on those things. A slow one mind you, but she does look good! I may be faster, but I'm all over the place :lol:

Went today for the second time. One hour into it I managed to fall and injure my thumb in the process, which made it very painful to push with the sticks. No bother, I ditched them and focused on getting the technique with my legs right for another hour. What a great workout that was! ha ha

First order of the day will be to look for some kit, as renting is going to prove too expensive, so I hope you all don't mind some basic "what to buy" questions in the equipment forum!


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