Winding Trails 2/12/2011 Report (Farmington, CT)

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Winding Trails 2/12/2011 Report (Farmington, CT)

Post by the_doctor » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:41 am

I went to Winding Trails in Farmington CT, yesterday. I was in the area. The conditions were not super. They had a lot of ice on their skating trail. They do have a nice set of loops for the skaters.

There are very few downhills. The Great Scott Trail has a longer hill section than found throughout the remainder of the trail system. The hill trail is very narrow and it is hard to break on the trail ice. Most of the system does not feature trails prepared during the summer for xc skiing. They also use this place for trail running and MTB. It is not like Windblown, in which the trails are prepped to support snowcats, etc.

The place is nice but conditions were not ideal. They have a ski repair shop/rental in the lodge. The lodge was simplistic but nice. The price is right for a family outing, if you live in CT. They only charge $10 for each trail pass. You can buy your pass at the gatehouse, park your car, and get skiing relatively quick.

They do maintain a log book to help ensure safety.

I saw a lot of skiers whom were very slow and they were learning.

Additionally, they have created a road to access their pond. This road is dirt. You must cross this road in order to access the majority of the trail system. They have some snow bridges over the dirt sections of the road.


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