beautiful Breckenridge!


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beautiful Breckenridge!

Postby mountainlover2008 » Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:52 pm

Breckenridge is the cutest, most quaint… but at the same time utterly majestic… town that I have ever seen in my entire life! And I’ve done a lot of travelling! My husband and I decided to venture out to the snowy lands of Colorado in March for our honeymoon. We both grew up in California, and had visited the beach scene countless times, so we decided to try something a little different for our honeymoon. We had friends that had been to Colorado skiing, but had never been there ourselves. Although we had heard many good things, we both consider ourselves to be beach people through and through, and I honestly wasn’t sure if I could take the change of scenery. But let me tell you! Not only could I stand it for a week, I seriously (maybe if I actually learn how to make it down a mountain without falling flat on my face, that is) could spend a lot of time there. It’s absolutely beautiful. Besides being a little ill-equipped for the cold (I think I drastically underestimated how many layers I would need!), we had a blast. The only thing I had on my head was some hat may husband found on some skiing website ( maybe?) and an old helmet I borrowed from a friend. My husband ordered himself a winter jacket off of e-bay, and I brought a Columbia vest my mom had given to me a few years ago for Christmas. To anyone who is not used to the cold… take a lot of clothes if you're venturing into the Colorado mountains! I almost froze my butt off! I talked to a guy on a lift who had been in Breckenridge his whole life. Besides the cold…I don’t blame him for not wanting to leave! But I suppose once you get used to that, the scenery of the place would make even the coldest winters worthwhile. I would highly recommend a visit!!!

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