It's finally winter in the Bozone!


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It's finally winter in the Bozone!

Post by faber » Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:30 am

A few days ago we had our first significant dump here in town (since October). The weather mages were saying 1"; we got 9-12". And it hasn't gotten warm...yet.

The BSF folks groomed Lindley Park and Bridger Creek the following afternoon. But I couldn't wait for that. I hit Lindley Park the afternoon after the big dump--and I was not alone! Now, with the new snow groomed at Lindley and Bridger Creek, the in-town skiing is finally up to an in-season standard.

Bohart also finally got the dump they needed to groom down a nice base, lay classic tracks, etc. I was up there Friday and it was a great day. Bluebird skies and not too cold. A little crowded, though. I guess everybody's been waiting for this.

Still haven't bothered to check out Lone Mountain Ranch yet. But on my way to ski Moonlight and Big Sky five days ago, I did stop and look at the (lower) trails. It looks good there. The Big Sky area seems to be getting a consistent 1-3" almost every night now, and it is starting to add up.

I was planning a trip down to West for New Year's day, but I think I might just stay here and enjoy skiing my home trails.

Happy New Year to all, and may your New Year be a snowy one.

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