Oberwiesenthal, Germany


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Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Post by Ami in Berlin » Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:06 am

We're having our best winter in years here in Germany. Berlin saw about 20 cm of snow pile up from Sunday to Tuesday, and things were looking good for a tour of local parks for the weekend. Unfortunately, rain on Friday ruined those plans.

No bother, instead we got up at 4:20 Saturday morning to catch the ski bus to Oberwiesenthal on the Czech border. Oberwiesenthal, at 920 m, lies at the foot of the 1250 m Fichtelberg and boasts what is by northern German standards a large downhill skiing operation. By anyone elses standards, the downhill is not really worthwhile, so we were instead interested in the 40km of cross country trails.

There was an absolute ton of snow, and it was in great condition. Grippy, fresh snow really is easier to ski on than icy snow that's been through numerous freeze/thaw cycles!

As is often the case in these parts, the trail marking left something to be desired, and the grooming could have been better. But those are minor complaints considering that there are no fees on these community trails.

Due to some unneccesary faffing about to start the day, the inclusion of some relative beginners in our group, and the desire not to miss the ski bus back, we only managed to ski about 10 km. We'll be back again with better knowledge, though.

With the current conditions and a little luck, hopes are for another 6 weeks or so of skiable snow. Things can warm up fast here, though.

Some pics (yes, it was foggy):
Image Image

more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/berliner_j ... 285841682/

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