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Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:03 pm
by Ken Roberts
Ami - Thanks for all those ideas about where to ski near Garmisch. I've been hoping to get to try some of them, but recently the weather + snow conditions have been kinda unpromising, so I had to cancel.


P.S. I hope some of them are better than Seefeld, but at least they'd be new and different for me. There's lots of places in the world with more interesting trail designs and/or prettier scenery than Seefeld. Fortunately I was skiing at one of them today.

Ami in Berlin wrote:Near Garmisch, the best trails are in Kaltenbrunn/Klais. As I mentioned before, if there is enough so it ought to be possible to ski from Mittenwald to Seefeld, but I've never seen that. Mittenwld is however a great village, and I think I would actually probably stay there instead of Seefeld (cheaper, more traditional village, and better access to downhill skiing which I also do). On the other side of Garmisch, the Tiroler Zugspitzearena (Ehrwald, Lermoos, Biberweir, Bichelbach) is all connected with trails. It suffers a bit from being low altitude, though, and the ground is largely moss, which holds warmth and ends up melting the snow. But if there is snow, it's really a great area, and the view of the Zugspitze is probably my favourite anywhere in the Alps. I think there is actually also a backcountry xc ski trail linking this area to Seefeld, but it would be a full day's trip and I imagine quite difficult. Finally, there are trails linking the Ettal monestary, the Linderhof castle, and Oberammergau. This is where the K├Ânig Ludwig race is held. All of that is within 30-60 minutes of Garmisch by train or bus.

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:55 am
by Ken Roberts
The combination of "le Crete Luisard" and "les Cretes" trails at le Barioz in the northern Alps of France blows away anything I found around Seefeld for its combination of views of dramatic peaks + cliffs in all directions with interesting design of ups + downs + curves.