Grand Naves in France northern Alps


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Grand Naves in France northern Alps

Post by Ken Roberts » Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:50 am

The big plus for Grand Naves is its setting: Most of the trails are above tree-line in a big wide valley, with great view south to the dramatic rock+snow peaks of the Lauziere group and the Cheval Blanc. One of the trails climbs up to a point with an even bigger view including south+east into the Vanoise mountains.

And it's quiet. Small mountain village. No ski lifts for downhill skiing. But in driving range from the giant Trois Vallees ski resorts and from fast autoroute highway at Albertville in Savoie.

Altitude is higher: Most of the trails start at 1565m (le Tovet), accessed by free shuttle bus ("navette") from parking by the village of Grand Naves (1316m). One trail goes up to around 2000m.

I drove there with both my skating skis and my backcountry skis, but I got so engaged with the backcountry exploration above and around the trails, that I didn't have time + energy left for skating on the trails -- but I did see XC skiers having fun and myself skied alongside many of the trails while exploring.
    (For backcountry, my conclusion was that purchasing a XC trail pass is using the shuttle bus and groomed XC ski trails to access the backcountry above could be a valuable strategy for Sharon and me. I suspect that in good snow conditions, a good skier could ski back down to the parking by the village, instead of taking the shuttle bus down.)
more . . .

* trail network less 50 km

* some of the trails are fairly exposed to the sun.

* GPS latitude/longitude to purchase XC ski trail pass and get trail map at tourist office in Grand Naves: (N45.55925 E6.52115)

* free shuttle bus stops there, also at larger parking just (east+south) above the village (where the road is marked closed during winter thru early spring -- use of road is reserved for shuttle bus only).


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