Just booked Oslo, any info?


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Re: Just booked Oslo, any info?

Post by Cucicak » Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:07 pm

osloskier wrote:
Cucicak wrote:
Some training from Svendson maybe? Or Berger?
Not likely :)

But many ex and even from time to time some current national team skiers are skiing instructors. Trude Dybendahl is the most-winning of them, but the number of medals doesn't decide how good a coach the person is, of course.
Ive just been to the Biathlon here in Czech Rep, in Nove Mesto na Morave. You Norwegians cleaned up almost apart from Fourcade(France) when Svendson was ill and the Belarussian today with Berger second in the womens mass start.
Fourcade deserved that :)
We were sad that Moravec never won on the mass start today, looked like he might have had a chance alas for one missed shot, but Boe was excellent and Svendsen had a great comeback from 19th but he didnt look happy on the podium.

There were loads of crazy Norwegians, we were sharing our Slivovice(plum brandy) with them.
"newcomers should not be frightened by images of sweating figures struggling through the wilderness"

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