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Bike race tomorrow! Barry-Roubaix dirt road fun: 20degF!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:23 am
by JeffOYB
I'm doing the Barry-Roubaix 35-mi dirt road bike race tomorrow.

It's supposed to be maybe 17degF at the start, warming to 22degF. Ha!

I hope the skier's acclimation to cold serves me in good stead!

It was cold today and my quick jaunt to test my idea of proper race clothing went dandy.

I wonder if the cold will dismay any of the "real" bikers?

But I have only gone on 2 small rides this year so far so it's going to be a bike race on pure skier-fitness. And I didn't ski hard much this past season either -- mostly (big) touring and lots of skiing with newb's.

I'll be happy to just finish and hopefully have a nice 2:30 hrs out on the bike with the crazies. I suppose I should bring a camera in case I end up on the way slow end of things.

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