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CX < > XC !

Post by JeffOYB » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:18 am

I'm now thinking that CX is lots more like XC than I thought before. Maybe the fitness specificity isn't all there -- no upper body -- but the FUN is becoming darn close for me and interestingly similar.

The smooth flow of CX plus the handling fun really seems to give me the same grin that XC does!

Maybe it's just my smooth yard trail now all covered with colorful leaves. I'm riding it and it's just as fun as skiing it. I'm also getting a technical thrill with the cornering and speed-keeping.

It's starting to seem like a fun new thing to do during the grey slushy season. Also, it's still fun when it's wet and nasty out -- when rollerskiing doesn't really work. Of course I'm also doing CAT Skiing -- and that's also great in the wet nasty slush. So this fall I'm finding workouts to be staying really fresh and fun. I do a couple laps CX, then a lap CAT, then go out for a short bit o' rollerskiing, then a circuit of the yard weights. Each chunk only takes like 15 min's -- no time to get bored.
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