New Salomon carbon skate boots

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New Salomon carbon skate boots

Post by Cloxxki » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:04 pm

Hi all,

I'm looking at getting new boots. The ones I have are brand new, but just not supportive enough for me to do any sort of rollerskiing (I'm new at it). I have Salomon Active Pilots now. Comfy, soft, no ankle support whatsoever, and no modification really helps.
I stumble, and really I fall (twice on same knee now) as near-zero speeds, just no control or balance. On crosskates I hit 30kph and feel safe, this feels like I'm going to die.
The Jenex SC's I have are really light to me, perhaps the soft boots take away any feeling for me. I'm sure they'll be nice for snow trips though, less tipsy than high on pointy wheels.

How do the Salomon S Lab Carbon and RS Carbon boots compare? Is the S Lab more supportive, or just lighter and more expensive for bling reasons?
Has anyone found a sincere review on these already? Or would you advise other SNS Polit compatible boots for optimal ankle support?

I can get the RS Carbon for €180 or so + shipping in week 51 via , can't find other sources with similar price right now.
I'd be getting size 12.5 UK/48 US which they don't have in yet.

Some pics : ... boots.html

I can't find much on the announced Atomic Pilot-compatible boots. Pics I once saw were looking good, but I'm now looking for pure support now to keep me from crashing and getting to learning to rollerski before I hit real snow for the first time.

Thanks for your thoughts!

The Netherlands

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