Performance difference never read about : boots and snow

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Performance difference never read about : boots and snow

Postby Cloxxki » Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:03 pm

Hi all,

Since I've been reading all I can find on nordic skiing, and skating in particular, I have not come across mention of this difference.

Last week, I skied my Salomon RS Carbon boots, my instructor his Fisher 9000's, both with Fisher Pilot bindings.
He only had to as much as point his boots towards snow, and they'd be clogged up so bad he needed pole tips to get them clear enough for the bindings to accept them. My RS Carbons often sufficed with some finder-scratching there, or even just a tap of the one boot to the other. Only a few times, after longer snow walks, I really needed to use a pole to get my boots clear again.
Even when he applied silicone spray, it did not really help a lot, I was always away on my skis before him. Night and day difference, very much worth it if you crash a lot (me), or have many road crossings/bar visits to deal with.

Perhaps these were just the best and worst boots in this respect (he loved his 9000's otherwise), but what's your experiences?

Happy trails,


BTW I can 100% recommend the RS Carbons. On my first 5 days of skiing, only on the 4th I started giving my feet any thought. Left ankle got tired of all the stabilizing trying to make long glides, correct for changing snow conditions, learning to climb, and a few good crashes per day.

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Postby Montana » Wed Mar 28, 2007 8:06 am

Snow clogging on the boot and interferring with the binding has been a problem since the days of 75mm bindings. It will happen. Forcing the binding closed when there is snow in it will result in ice in the binding and make it difficult to remove the binding from the boot as well as put it back on until the ice is cleared out.

A light coat of wax or silicone on the bottom of the boot around the bars might help. I usually just dig around with my fingers and/or tap one boot against the side of the other.

One thing I would avoid is using the tip of your pole to scrape out the snow. This will leave scratches in the plastic on the bottom of the boot and snow will stick to that better than to the smooth glossy surface of a new boot.

Banging on the boot with a high end expensive pole might just put a scratch or two on the pole and increase the likelihood of its breaking at some inoportune time.
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Postby MN Hoser » Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:22 am

Generally snow sticks to boots when the snow is new and the boots are old. If you walk in your boots on dirt or pavement (with dirt), it roughs up the surface and snow sticks really well. I've had good luck with using silicon (Armor-All actually) on a cloth and saturating/cleaning the boot's sole. Watch out, the sole will be very slippery on snow.

I have not noticed any difference in the Fischer vs. Salomon boots in this regard.

Jay W

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Postby Cloxxki » Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:40 pm

THanks for those comments! My super-new boots may have been at least part of the difference then, although those Fishers weren't more than a few weeks of use old.

Have you ever tried that stuff on skis, if it makes boots so slippery?
There has got to be something more slippery than wax out there...

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