Alpina BC 1550 boots shredding my toes... help!

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Alpina BC 1550 boots shredding my toes... help!

Post by Refuge » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:58 am

Last winter I decided to convert to NNN-BC boots and bindings for more support and stability. (I have both classic and backcountry skis.) I bought the Alpina BC 1550 boots despite my skepticism over the bad reviews of the seam over the toe box. I should have heeded the warnings! I skiied on those things all last season and just barely tolerated them.

If I wear Wright socks with them they're somewhat OK for a few miles, but if I ski for any distance it rubs my toe big time. If I wear any other kind of sock (Smartwool, REI) the whole boot is incredibly tight and uncomfortable. If I tape my toes it helps a bit to avoid the dreaded blistering at the base of the big toenail, but my feet sweat a lot and I can rarely get tape to stick even with tricks.

Well, this weekend I broke the skis out for the first ski of the season and forgot about my sock tricks, unfortunately. I had regular Smartwool skiing socks on. After just a mile or so, my toes were completely shredded. I thought to myself, this is absolutely ridiculous. I shouldn't have to worry about my gear hurting my feet! If anything, the BC boots should be more supportive and easy to wear... that was the whole point of converting to them!

So help me out here... should I look for another NNN BC boot that doesn't have a giant seam over the toe? If so, any recommendations there?

My other thought would be to try and put an ENGO patch over the area where that seam is, to try and minimize the amount it bends and bites into my toe when I kick. But I'm not sure there is enough room in the boot to accommodate anything extra. Here is the Engo product if you're not familiar:" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Alpina BC 1550 boots shredding my toes... help!

Post by SpecialGreen » Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:08 am

I used to get bloody toes during each race over about 15k. The toenail of one toe would cut into the side of the next. Some boots work better than others, but they all did it before 42k or 50k: even Fischer and OneWay, which have wider toe-boxes.

I've had good luck protecting the toes using a sport-type band-aids wrapped around each toe that normally gets cut. Take a big Band-Aid Sport Strip and cut it in half lengthwise with scissors. That gives a narrow band-aid which is long enough to wrap-around onto itself. That may help you keep them on through the sweat. I find they don't fall off for several days.

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Re: Alpina BC 1550 boots shredding my toes... help!

Post by Montana » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:52 am

Definitely dump the boots. Look for another model or a different brand that fits better. If the boot fits properly you should be able to ski all day without tearing up your foot!
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Re: Alpina BC 1550 boots shredding my toes... help!

Post by hegel » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:52 pm

I'm happy with Rossignol bc x9s. Pretty wide toe box; great support. But I haven't tried other bc boots outside of the store.

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